Official Bios Update/Restore

15/11/2013: HP released an updated BIOS (Ver. 2013.10.01 (A)) that fixes issues with using the onboard network port with Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.1. Official download :

Official documentation :

Bios HackEdit

  • 30/09/2011 TheBay posted a bios hack which allows 6 ports of AHCI SATA 3gb/s. Click here to view original forum topic.
  • 01/12/2012 There is a BIOS by Click here to view forum discussion.
  • 01/12/2013 There is a new modded bios based on the November 2013 HP BIOS that re-enables AHCI 3gb/s. Click here to view forum post. Tested and working with N54L.
  • 01/08/2014 There is a new modded BIOS and guide for the latest HP BIOS (From 1/10 2013). Tested and working with N36L, N40L and N54L. Step by Step guide can be found Here
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